9 Top Reasons to choose Digital Marketing


In older days, the marketing was believed to perform well with a blend of offline and online strategies. But with the conventional ways of offline marketing, there were many gaps with respect to the people reach and engagements. To overcome the backlogs of offline marketing, researchers have taken a circular diversion by introducing digital marketing with complete intelligence which handles and generates the behavior of marketing trends.

Foxteria provides the most advanced and appropriate technologies for your e-commerce solutions that you have always dreamt of. We are specialists in building customized e-commerce platforms in various sectors. The very first step is to understand the business needs and the vision and mission of the stakeholders. Then we investigate, design and document a technical solution that matches your business needs. We provide a blueprint of the end product which allows you to quickly provide the feedback and ensure both of us are on the same page from the outset of the project. This doesn’t mean that we are not open for any additions in the requirements during the project. We always embrace the stakeholders in term of agility in the requirements and serve you the best.

According to research, in today’s world, a normal human being spends near about 11 hrs on an electronic device and believe it, this is just a beginning!! Digital Marketing is a way of marketing through any electronic device. With the tremendous use of these electronic devices, a new direction of marketing has been evolved in recent years to reach out to the people irrespective of age, location, and sector.

Today, the customers are online, hanging out in social media, staying updated on news sites and blogs and searching online what they have, when they are in need.  This online presence makes the business to reach and be linked closely to the customers. Thanks to social media, it is targetable as you can attract the customers based on the demographic qualities and also the social class and habits. Digital Marketing is cost effective as the exposure is vast with a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing. It is highly measurable and adaptable since this can be assessed real time using digital marketing analytics.

The primary rule of digital marketing is to make the right offer at the right moment and in the right place.

byShanthala MS

9 Reasons why one should opt for digital marketing

  • Digital marketing caters all sectors being it education or textile or jewelry or anything that can be showcased and sold, exist online. It provides equal opportunities to all kinds of businesses to showcase their products and services.
  • Irrespective of the size of the firms whether they are an established, medium or small, digital marketing help firms reach out to the target audience and sell their products.
  • Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach a larger crowd with a reasonable budget. As said by Jay Baer, “Make your marketing so useful people would pay for it”. A strategic digital marketing campaign can save more than 50% compared to offline marketing. Few best examples are Bus / Taxi Ads versus the Google Display Ads & TV Ads versus YouTube Ads.
  • Digital Marketing enables quicker publicity of the products which in turn generates leads. This can be achieved by Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Email marketing etc. The more the funnel gets filled, the more engagements and conversions happen. The traffic can be measured, monitored by Google Analytics, Google Console and many other tools just by analyzing the behavior of the audience and providing the appropriate solutions.
  • Digital Marketing helps to multiply revenues and reach the global audience. The online presence along with a variety of products and services opens new gates to revenue. This fastens the growth of the firm in a bigger way.
  • Digital Marketing techniques facilitate to interact with the audience and attend their queries. Such engagements increase the awareness about the product among the audience. This kind of interaction helps in customizing the service based on customer requirement.
  • Digital Marketing helps to cater the consumers at their doorstep. An increase in the use of smartphones has helped the consumer with more options on different E-commerce platforms, at the same time, helping the vendors to reach their consumers directly.
  • Digital Marketing helps to earn trust among people. The happy customers are the immediate marketers of the product as their reviews and testimonials can attract more customers.
  • Brand building is one more important task achieved through digital marketing. The customers who enjoyed the quality products are more likely to promote in their neighborhood which in turn can optimize the brand reputation. This can also make the brand a web sensation and help in more business development and expansion.