Internet of Things (IoT) – How the Internet of Things (IoT) plays a very big role in our day to day life? The phenomenon will be more than a trending hashtag – it will be a way of being in the world. This is more than technology, it’s something which altering reality as we know it. And it is all regulated by ‘Internet of Things’. With that bright future in mind, let’s look at some of the aspects of our daily life that the Internet of Things may influence. First and foremost, the home. Smart connected appliances are what we think of when we hear IoT.

Internet of Thingss

We imagine an intelligent house, programmed to save energy and make your life a more convenient one. Alarm clocks will be synced with traffic apps, heating systems will be synced with external temperature sensors. Our cars will anticipate our approach and open themselves via a sensor in our phones. For personal health, sleeping patterns, nutritional balance, GP visits, and check-up schedules, exercise programs, etc., which keeps you safe. In sports, we’ll be able to track your progress, errors, power, agility, overall cardiovascular fitness level and any variable you can imagine. With the examples above, demonstrate the limitless potential of the Internet of Things. The more creative we are with sensors, the more valuable the data we will gather. If trends in development are anything to go by, the best is yet to come.

The Internet of Things is still in its infancy as a phenomenon. Despite this, its rate of expansion, adaptability, ingenuity, and scope is startling.

byShanthala MS