Digital Technology Revolution – Impact on Daily Life

The Digital Technology Revolution is impacting our daily lives with the automation and digitization of various service sectors. Some of them include banking, healthcare services, e-payment services, digital literacy, geographic mapping and so on.

Digital Technology Revolution – Impact on Daily Life

Several new policy measures are paving our country towards building a stable socio-economic growth in the coming years. Some of those include Digital India, Skill India, Make In India, Startup India and Smart Cities.India is on course to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This is due to the optimum use of reliable networks, better digital connectivity, and Cloud technologies. For instance, several private schools have resorted to the e- payment system instead of manual accounting practices. Consequently, collecting the school fees and other administrative charges from the parents has become easier than ever.

Cloud Storage

The Cloud concept enables people to access data on the move. So, they can store their personal files on third-party cloud servers, instead of carrying personal storage devices. Furthermore, Cloud service providers now offer memory and processing power on rent. This eventually brings down the cost of running businesses.

Blockchain: Data Decentralisation and Data Security

Data and information can now be decentralized and accessed remotely with blockchain technology. This technology is being researched extensively with the use of contemporary tools like Big Data Analytics. Blockchain technology not only ensures data decentralization but also offers improved security. it uses ledgers and information headers that actually store sender and recipient data. Additionally, it contains a bunch of authorizations and permissions for how the data moves through the network or which networks can access the data.

Self-Learning AI

The Advent of self-learning AI (Artificial Intelligence) like DeepMind’s AlphaGo, has opened up new possibilities in the field of automation.  The AlphaGo is a self-learning computer program. It learns and adapts new strategies in board games while outsmarting the best human players across the world. The Machine Learning and self-learning AI concept could inspire innovations in Robotics as automated machines will soon replace manual labor. We have already witnessed the impact of automation on the IT industry as computer programs have taken over redundant tasks. This will further reduce the operating costs of these companies. Consequently, the Digital Technology Revolution era will surely pave the way for a stronger economy and an innovative workforce as we embrace the new age of the digital world.  

Digital Technology Revolution is making way for creativity and innovation. Renewed efforts are on towards building the infrastructure for the new Digital world while the growth of Internet users is exploding exponentially.

byShanthala MS