Traditional Shops, Businesses & Marketplaces are going online and extending their customer reach from local customers to global customers. Most products or services that you are currently consuming from a physical store is available online and is now reaching you. If you are running a business, imagine how you could reach a large base of customers who are buying online. Even corporates and established business houses have adapted to this scenario. It no longer is an option, as being online is vital to your brand prestige, success and most importantly, critical for your survival. Dynamic entrepreneurs and companies are infact building entire market places as they want to own much more than just an online shop. Foxteria is amongst the leading eCommerce development companies in Bangalore, India that is helping clients transform or ideate new marketplaces and stores. We have developed E-Commerce Websites for the most traditional to modern businesses. We are known for our cutting-edge E-Commerce Development Service in Bangalore, India with a wide variety of ecommerce solutions under one roof for clients across the Globe. We answer hundreds of puzzling queries about the entire E-Commerce Development process lifecycle to build an E-Commerce Marketplace Platform. The most frequently asked questions being:

What is Marketplace? Which is the best platform to build one?
How to start a small online business? How to transform my small shop to an eShop?
How to start an e-commerce website in India? What hurdles could I face?
What are the benefits of building an eCommerce development solution for my business?
What are the eCommerce web application development requirements?
How to select unique domain name for your eCommerce development solutions?
How to build a supplier-oriented marketplace?
How to get online customers for my marketplace website?
What is the cost of eCommerce website development?
How is Magento E-Commerce Development helpful for my business?
What are CMS development services?
How to get an ecommerce website quotation?
How much does ecommerce start-up costs?
What Payment gateways will work best for your eCommerce platform?
What is the cost of ecommerce website development in India?

We completely understand that the above questions have raised several new questions. You may want to clarify many other things before you begin to start an E-Commerce Platform for your business. Foxteria brings a dynamic and successful e-commerce solution with advanced and sophisticated technologies. Our clients call us as one of the top PHP companies in Bangalore and the top Magento development company in Bangalore. Here is a simple step by step guide for your successful online business.

Ecommerce Solutions

E-Commerce Platforms with mind-blowing user experience should portray an excellent brand image. Customer who visit your platform should get accustomed to an ultimate shopping experience. Moreover, E-Commerce is not restricted to any particular region. E-Commerce is global. Foxteria, as one of the top e-commerce website development companies in Bangalore offers a full range of E-Commerce solutions that are scale able, secure and globally compliant. You will need to understand the various options on hand and choose an ecommerce platform that suits your business or industry best.

B2B E-Commerce Store

B2B selling is nothing but business to business selling. B2B E-Commerce platform features are often different from B2C E-Commerce platforms. As an experienced ecommerce website development company, we always recommend explicit features for your B2B store that helps you stand out from the competition.

  • Depending on the quantity of purchase, frequency of orders and type of products customers buy, the pricing levels may vary. Despite the complex business models, the pricing and billing functionalities should be carried out smoothly.
  • Depending on the quantity of purchase, the platform must offer discounts to customers to retain them. Even the minimum order purchase should have a margin set so that based on the frequency and regularity the customer always gets some sort of benefits.
  • The platform should be able to track the customer records since the customer's registration and his interests to push personalized promotions.
  • Apart from this, one-click reorder is a must feature for the repeated orders of regular customers.
  • Simple Marketing tools must be developed for the display of new products and other promotional activities.
  • Inventory Management to get regular updates on the products sold and stock available to manage the demand.
  • Handling huge traffic on the platform and guarantee the performance without security breaks.
  • Customers must be able to request a quote for new and complicated orders. The request a quote form can be used to convey the precise information of the customer to the seller.

B2C E-Commerce Store

With our unmatched e-commerce developments services, we provide intuitive, intelligent and advanced search capability, that goes well beyond linear matching. It quickly searches all product/ services fields in your e-commerce software for similar products / services sorting the results through various filters on the priority of your choice to make it easy to find products at a glance. You get truly relevant results that help customers find that perfect product in your e-commerce store. There can be number of e-commerce companies in Bangalore, but Foxteria stays untouched in competition in terms of the variety of e-commerce services we provide.

  • Showcase as many product categories
  • Manage back-order and pre-order status per product
  • Create different prices for people in different regions
  • Feature sale, new or other specific products
  • One-page checkout
  • Multilingual and multi-currency checkout
  • Secure browsing and checkout
  • PDF order receipts
  • Social Media Integration so you can sell products directly from your Facebook page
  • Reward points system
  • Discounts and coupons (fixed amounts or percentages)
  • Gift cards
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Affiliate programs
  • Blog functionality
  • Product reviews and ratings
  • Multi-Store installation
  • Admin Panel to control and manage all the E-Commerce and Admin operations

Single Vendor Marketplace

Single Vendor Marketplace is a platform where you have only one type of vendor or seller selling their product or services to various customers. There are only two types of parties involved in the process i.e. buyer and the seller.

A single vendor marketplace is one that doesn’t offer a wide range of products or services to its customers. Because of this, there could be relatively less amount of traffic on these websites when compared with Multi-vendor Marketplaces. The success of single vendor marketplace depends on the uniqueness of products displayed on the E-Commerce Website or app and depends entirely on the journey of the user from the stage of login to check out.

Product management is managed by Admin and update or list the products or services is based on your convenience.

The functionalities are built around the uniqueness of the product or service and as per client requirements. Our Goal is to help you achieve your business expansion giving your single vendor ecommerce website marketplace a unique look and feel with lot of customized features which match the market standards and latest technology. Trust us, as we come with unique solutions that help us stand out as the most reliable web app development companies.

Multivendor Marketplace

A Multi-vendor Marketplace is an online store that has many sellers who sell their products, resulting in high traffic and good profit. The transactions and conversions are huge in number as the customers get a lot of variety on one platform.

In a Multi-vendor Marketplace, there are essentially 3 entities involved, namely: Admin, Vendor, and Customer. All the sellers/vendors are considered to get themselves registered to the admin’s e-commerce platform to sell their products.

The main advantage of Multi-vendor Marketplace is even if any vendor runs short of the supplies, the customer is not leaving with empty hands as other vendors might have similar or same products or services. You are never in loss in a multi-vendor e-commerce platform as customers get options that fulfill their requirements.

You can find us as one of the top e-commerce developments companies in India providing something new and unique solutions and always in pace with new technologies. Here are some technical options for your E-Commerce Store.

Scratch Development

Uniquely designed and completely scalable e-commerce platform (scratch development). Foxteria being one of the best e-commerce website developers in India provides the most advanced and appropriate technologies for your e-commerce solutions that you have always dreamt of. We are specialists in building customized e-commerce platforms in various sectors. Foxteria builds e-commerce platforms from scratch using technologies like php, python (each line of code written to build innovative technology). We always embrace the stakeholders in term of agility in the requirements and serve you the best as we are passionate ecommerce developers. Benefits of e-commerce platform built from scratch are:

  • Customised: The e-commerce platform from scratch helps to customize the layouts based on your requirements – There are no limitations in terms of designing these e-commerce platforms as it gives the complete freedom to build a unique design and develop the platform based on the requirements and nature of your business.
  • Scalable: It is scalable for future requirements – With growing business, traffic on the e-commerce platform is likely to increase and this can be taken care if the e-commerce base is built from scratch. The new requirements can be built independently and added to the existing code base.
  • Secure: The e-commerce platform from scratch is more secured – Scratch development helps you manage all the user information and their respective data securely and provides you a complete shield from the hands of illegal bots.
  • Friendly: This is friendlier for further integrations – At any point of time, stakeholders want an additional feature, this can be easily achieved by building the module independently and integrated to the existing code as easy as plug and play.
  • Faster: There is no unused code integrated into the platform which is built from scratch. The code is written for the functionalities and features required appropriately to avoid the junk which can bring down the loading time.

E-Commerce CMS Development

CMS stands for Content Management System, which offers its own benefits of keeping the e-commerce platform lively and updated. E-Commerce CMS Development has a variety of software’s built in, suitable for various sectors which enable to publish, edit, and change content, as well as to modify the visual look of content. Every CMS platform has its own advantages which can be furthermore enhanced through the plugins and extensions. We take time to listen to your needs and work out the best solution with one of these frameworks Magento 2.0, WooCommerce, Shopify etc. We are an experienced Magento development company Bangalore and the one of the top CMS website development India who provide you with a unique solution, based on your goals, your budget, and your time frames. Benefits of E-Commerce CMS Development are:

  • One of the main advantages of CMS is that it enables non-technical stakeholders to create functional pages or upload and modify content themselves, without having to outsource for further maintenance.
  • The cost of building an E-Commerce Website using CMS software is quite reasonable. It can be built once and reused for multiple stores apart from some basic charges to maintain the E-Commerce platform.
  • The evolution of newer version of the CMS software can be updated easily within no time and it is always a click away.
  • The newer versions come with new features which makes it possible to solve the existing problem and stay ahead of the changing environment like the internet.
  • E-Commerce CMS Development comes with a variety of tools such as checkout tools, Email marketing integration tool, reporting tools which can be easily integrated into the software. All this is easily achieved by the number of plugins and extensions.
  • The layouts are Search Engine Optimized which means the layouts are more structured and the SEO tools and Plugins boost the SEO rank on different search engines.

We are confident that by this time you are closer to the type of E-Commerce Solution that could be suitable for your business. We are amongst top ecommerce companies in Bangalore and live the slogan "Our expertise your growth". We are a great team with bunch of tech wizards, having brilliant knowledge in their respective areas of e-commerce development strategy, ecommerce website design, and e-commerce website development. Don’t let this opportunity go out of your hand. Hire us today us to accomplish your mission E-Commerce Success.

unique features integrated with your e-commerce platform

At Foxteria, we provide the industry standard ecommerce development services or ecommerce development solutions at an affordable price. Our web design experts deliver up-to-date solutions to your ecommerce needs, besides offering dedicated customer support setups. Furthermore, we bring you easy and stress-free operations of the system with an excellent ecommerce development process. We just don't build a support system, but we help build strong relationships with your client. So, we will eventually accomplish this through regular site monitoring and updates based on each individual's preferences and needs.

Also, we ensure that every single e-commerce business function of the client is met within a stipulated time. Consequently, we help you achieve massive online traffic and high search engine ranking. Additionally, we help you attain an ever-growing reputation as well as profit for your business with our ultra-modern eCommerce development services. As a stake holder, it is important that you have the tools to manage your website and that the administrative features fit with your business processes.

A buyer will gain his first impression through your e-commerce site. Thus, we should create an everlasting impression in the minds of our clients and customers. There is no better way to do it than casting a spell-binding user interface (UI) design for your homepage for a great user experience (UX).

Consequently, we may achieve this with the use of appealing chatbots, interactive menus, and animated action buttons.

Easy to use and navigate for customers
Unique and creative design templates
Completely responsive designs
Integrated SEO
Turn-Key Solution
Completely customizable and scalable
Email & SMS Integrations
Payment Processing
Order Management
Inventory Management
Vendor Management
admin application to super wise


Now that you have understood how to get the best ecommerce website for your business, you may be thinking about the ecommerce website cost. Do not worry, we have provided an elaborate ecommerce website development cost breakdown module or you can refer to it as your ecommerce website cost calculator which gives you a fair idea of e-commerce websites cost in India. The below checklist eases out your effort to understand ecommerce website packages India, Bangalore. If you find any other ecommerce website development company offering you lowest ecommerce website development cost in India, you may want to go into the offerings elaborately and check if each of these parameters have been included.

Small Business



request a quote
  • Business Research & Analysis
  • Ready Made Themes
  • 2 ReadyMade Themes Presented
  • WooCommerce / Magento / Shopify
  • Upto 10 hours of minor tweaks
  • Admin Panel
  • SEO Compliant
  • 45 Days Delivery Time
  • 15 Days Free Maintenance

Mid-Size Business



request a quote
  • Business Research & Analysis
  • Custom Build Themes
  • 2 Drafts Presented
  • WooCommerce / Magento / Shopify
  • Upto 30 hours of minor tweaks
  • Admin Panel
  • SEO Compliant
  • 60 Days Delivery Time
  • 30 Days Free Maintenance

Large Business



request a quote
  • Business Research & Analysis
  • Custom Build Themes
  • 3 Drafts Presented
  • Scratch Development
  • Upto 40 hours of minor tweaks
  • Admin Panel
  • On & Off Page SEO Compliant
  • 90 Days Delivery Time
  • 45 Days Free Maintenance

mobile apps



request a quote
  • Android + iOS Platform
  • Business Research & Analysis
  • Intuitive UI/UX Designs
  • Push notifications
  • Dedicated App Developer
  • SEO Compliant
  • 1 Month Free Maintenance

digital marketing



request a quote
  • SEO Optimization
  • Marketing Plan & Strategy
  • On & Off Page Optimization
  • Ongoing SEO SEM SMM Support
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • 3 Months Minimum Package Length

content writing



request a quote
  • 5 Pages | 4000 Words
  • Content Plan & Strategy
  • Upto 5 SEO keywords allowed
  • Blogs, Articles, PR & News
  • Social Media Posts
  • Dedicated Content Writer
  • 3 Months Minimum Package Length

What people say

Aakanksha Karande

Aakanksha Karande

Digital Marketing Head, FranchiseBazar

We have had the pleasure of working with Foxteria Team for 2 years. They have been very helpful to us in setting up new strategies on our website. We would recommend Foxteria to anyone seeking a great service at a reasonable cost.

Sanjay Thapliyal

Sanjay Thapliyal

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My company needed a new design for our new website and we decided to stop on Foxteria. No HTML template that we've seen before hasn't even come close to what your designers and developers done. It's a truly amazing solution, and I recommend it.

Prabodh Jain

Prabodh Jain

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An excellent service provider, we were looking for quality SEO and SMO services. Luckily we found Foxteria with a highly expert team and good client servicing. It's a basket full of services, will recommend others for sure.

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Vikal Gupta

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We had a vision, and Foxteria helped us "dream" bigger, and they has helped us accomplish more than we ever imagined. When I say that there is nothing that Foxteria can't do, I do not thing these words even explain how skilled they are.

Bandana Bawri

Bandana Bawri

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Foxteria exceeded all my expectations, began the work extremely quickly, was cost effective and their communication and professionalism are impressive. I would have no hesitation to recommend them and I will no doubt be using their services again in the very near future.

Liege Ryan

Liege Ryan

CEO & Founder, Liege Ryan

After having 2 companies fail miserably at creating a halfway decent web protfolio for me, I decided to go to Foxteria. They clear that they are extremely experienced at what they do and you can really see the design in process. They absolutely exceeded the requirements of the contract, and created a great design for my potfolio.




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