How to get a fantastic and affordable E-Commerce Website for your business?

E-Commerce Website changed with the speed of light and the static websites have no importance in the market. E-Commerce platforms have emerged as a source to attract the target audience through their design, content and product information. In order to keep your audience engaged, the website must be updated regularly with appropriate information.

CMS stands for Content Management System, which offers a few of the best solutions to the stakeholders keeping the e-commerce platform lively and updated. E-Commerce CMS Development has a variety of software suitable for various sectors which enable to publish, edit, and change contents, as well as to modify the visual look of contents.

How to get a fantastic and affordable E-Commerce Website for your business?

Why do you need an E-Commerce CMS Development?

  • One of the main advantages of CMS is that it enables non-technical stakeholders to create functional pages or upload and modify content themselves, without having to outsource for further maintenance.
  • The cost of building an E-Commerce using the CMS software is quite reasonable. It can be built once and reused for multiple stores apart from some basic charges to maintain the E-Commerce platform.
  • The evolution of newer version of the CMS software can be updated easily within no time and it is always a click away.
  • The newer versions come with new features which makes it possible to solve the existing problem and stay ahead of the changing environment like the internet.
  • E-Commerce CMS Development comes with a variety of tools such as checkout tools, Email marketing integration tool, reporting tools which can be easily integrated into the software. All this is easily achieved by the number of plugins and extensions.
  • The layouts are Search Engine Optimized which means the layouts are more structured and the SEO tools and Plugins boost the SEO rank on different search engines.

Our application architecture designs are based on your business needs and goals. So, we choose the right architectural design that fits well into your company's business portfolio.

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How does Foxteria help you in building an e-commerce platform from CMS?

Foxteria can help you choose a CMS platform for your e-commerce the way you want it to look without bypassing the purpose. Every CMS platform has its own advantages which can be furthermore enhanced through the plugins and extensions. We take the time to listen to your needs and work out the best solution for your business. We work with you to work out the best solution for each business, based on your goals, your budget, and your time frame.

Content Management Systems to build an E-Commerce Platform

Magento Development Services - Magento is a fast-emerging e-commerce script, an open source CMS but yet a customizable platform. It leverages the developer with a good number of features to meet the requirement of the business both in terms of look and feel of the platform and functionalities. Foxteria expertise in using this highly intuitive administrative interface of Magento knows how to play around for the search engine optimization and use it as a powerful marketing weapon. This is indeed a platform that leads to a lot of innovativeness for the stakeholders in terms of scalability and agility. Listed below are some of the other features of Magento:

  • Tailored for E-commerce
  • Secured
  • One-step Checkout
  • Being accessible through various browsers is highly essential so as not to miss out on potential clients. Magento is iPhone optimized and so one need not be apprehensive that they would miss out on clients who are always on the move.
  • Magneto features allow for the same through the international support it offers the online merchants through multilingual options and support for multiple currencies.
  • Easy integration with Mobile App

Virtuemart - Joomla Web Development - Virtuemart is easy to use and manage open source e-commerce solution. It is also considered as one of the most purposeful e-commerce platform solutions that can be integrated with Joomla content management system to offer secure online shopping environment. The excellent shopping cart solutions offered by Virtuemart is specially designed for the purpose. The unique thing about Virtuemart shopping cart is, it is a lightweight application, most useful for platforms having average traffic. Virtuemart is not a stand-alone e-commerce solution but is a plug-in for other open sources content management systems like Joomla. At Foxteria we choose the right modules, components, and templates to widen the service area of the Virtuemart framework to make up a complete e-commerce store. The other features which have made Virtuemart popular are:

  • Support for coupons, multiple currencies, and multiple languages
  • It supports tax calculations, stock and order management
  • Its in-built tools help to access sales report and monitor e-commerce platform progress
  • Easy catalogue management
  • Supports payment gateway with credit cards, debit cards, and net banking

Woo-Commerce Web Development - It's an open source and free e-commerce plug-in for WordPress. This is best suitable for all the small, medium and large enterprises with relevant traffic and demand. Its simplicity to install and customize with a free base product has been a significant reason for more than 2 million downloads across the globe. Foxteria with its expertise knows how to use the multi-dimensional feature of Woo-Commerce to make it a completely SEO compliance and functional e-commerce platform. The other special features of the Woo-Commerce are:

  • It comes with a wide variety of themes that suits various business sectors.
  • Order tracking, monitoring delivery, inventory management, tax management are few of the built-in features.
  • Analytic tools help you monitor various metrics like sales, average order, and other such statistics with the graphical presentation which is useful for taking key business decisions.
  • Woo-Commerce comes with free and premium extensions and applications that give you free hands to make it completely scalable.

Shopify E-Commerce Development - Shopify is a commercial e-commerce builder. Any enterprise can use Shopify for 14 days for free trial, after which, the enterprise should choose among the Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify package. Since Shopify is a hosted e-commerce solution, it enables the enterprises of all sizes to set up, run and custom the e-commerce platforms within a short time. Foxteria provides an end-to-end service to ensure a complete Shopify Solution for your e-commerce business. We know how to tweak the built-in features to customize the e-commerce platform based on the market demand to multiply its traffic. Here are some unbeatable features of Shopify:

  • Customizable themes to make the look and feel of the e-commerce platform more appealing and deliver a rich customer experience.
  • It comes with power packed Shopify Apps which support inventory management, social media integration, integration of accounting and bookkeeping, shipping etc.
  • With its robust tools, Shopify offers the 360-degree view of the products.
  • Shopify enhances the user experience by videos and smart search tools on the e-commerce platform.
  • The stakeholders can easily avail few specific tools for data transfer, subscription management, and blog importing.
  • It helps to boost online sales revenue by selling their products through multiple channels – e-commerce platform, social media, and physical store.
  • It helps in optimizing the e-commerce platform for mobile and other devices and the enterprise can also use Mobile Shopify App which supports both the iOS and Android users.
  • Shopify supports more than 70 international payment gateways.
  • Since Shopify is a hosted e-commerce platform, simply implementing SSL will keep the data and online transactions secured.
  • An enterprise can get the e-commerce platform related problems resolved immediately with 24/7 customer support staff through emails, live chat, or phone call.

Open Cart Web Development - OpenCart is a system based on the Model View Controller (MVC) pattern. It's easy to develop extensions or customize OpenCart with the knowledge in PHP and MySQL. With this feature, the OperCart E-Commerce Platform can be customized to meet the requirements of stakeholders. Foxteria with abundant knowledge of PHP and MySQL promises to deliver the most unique and suitable design for your OperCart E-Commerce Platform. Few unique and most wanted features of OpenCart are:

  • It has easy to use friendly dashboard and all the menus are direct – Catalogue, Sales, Extension, System.
  • It comes with a mobile-first interface and the ability to use the admin panel on tablet and smartphone.
  • It has a lot of documentation, forums, and articles which are useful for resolving any issue regards to the OpenCart E-Commerce Platform.
  • OpenCart website sells more 12300 extensions, modules, and templates, in which, many are free.
  • The core files of this CMS are editable. This feature is supported by a version of vQmod by Google. The new code can be written on the core files of CMS and automatically vQmod creates and saves a virtual copy of the original files.
  • OpenCart multi store mode is very useful. It makes it easy to manage even if they have a different design, product, modules, customer bases, and languages.
  • Google loves OpenCart. OpenCart has SEO friendly themes and extensions. It also comes with in-built Google Analytics dashboard which enables the admin to boost the sales.

Prestashop E-Commerce Development - PrestaShop is an ideal option for those looking for eCommerce solutions for their small and medium-size companies. PrestaShop AJAX features help to load faster and it's independent of server technology. It has the next-gen web designs and development services. Some of the features in Prestashop include cross-selling, a platform for idea sharing, special deals, and support to worldwide payment options. Foxteria can provide highly functional and customized Prestashop E-Commerce Platform making it completely optimized for all search engines. As a technical partner, we understand the needs of changing technology. Let now see some important features of Prestashop E-Commerce Platform:

  • It includes Inventory Management and Advanced Stock management.
  • It includes Email notifications of delivery status.
  • It helps in preventing duplicate content.
  • It comes with easy check-out feature which boosts the conversion rate to the rooftop.
  • Analytics and Reporting are the key factors to track and optimize the performance
  • It is easy to track customer behavior and interaction and view customer profiles. Track order and sales and Real-time Net Profit Margin with Intelligent Merchant Key Performance Indicators.

Squarespace E-Commerce Development - Squarespace is best suited for an enterprise selling limited products while using the most stunning templates. Squarespace offers a Personal plan and Advanced Plan. Advanced Plan is best suited for more sophisticated stores. Foxteria's Squarespace experts with immense knowledge ensure delivering the high-quality e-commerce platform with unique designing, theme customization, custom domains, code development, and promotion features. Let's learn more about the most special features of Squarespace E-Commerce Development:

  • User-friendly & elegant interface
  • eCommerce Capabilities
  • Loved by Search Engines
  • Hosting and Export Options
  • Template Design Options
  • Announcement Bar
  • Amazon Block
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Mail Chimp integration in the Form and Newsletter Blocks
  • Mobile Information Bar
  • OpenTable Block
  • Promotional Pop-Ups
  • Zapier integration