Foxteria is amongst the top 100 web development companies in India and ranks amongst the top web development companies in Bangalore and certainly amongst the top 10 web development companies in world. Foxteria is the answer to all your web development requirements. You may have the following questions and much more.

I want a website for my business?
What type of a website is ideal for my requirements?
Where do I get the best business website templates?
Where can I get a quick web development tutorial?
At what budget can a good website be built?
Which web development languages are ideal?
Should I get it done by online website developers or an established website development company. Who will be more reasonable and efficient?
Are there any website packages from which I can choose everything that I would need?
Will a Web Development Company in Bangalore be able to deliver the results like any other local website development company in my city?
What web development tools should be used?
What are the best web development companies In India?
How do I host my website once it is ready?
Who will maintain my website after it is hosted?
Can I get minor modifications done periodically once my website is developed?
How to generate more leads, increase conversions and do more Business?

We have the answers and the experience to deliver what you seek. Our 8 Step approach below will help you with all the answers you expect from global professional web developing companies like foxteria.

our approach

We have a very strategic approach to our client's requirements and hence follow this 8-stage approach to give you custom web development services that match your exact pre-requisites and answer all of the above questions that you may have. You could be absolutely assured, wherever you are in the world, getting your website developed from the Top 5 Web Development companies in India and amongst the most versatile Bangalore Web Development Company and will be as good or even better than your local vendor or your freelancing web developer, as we are a world class team of experts performing a melody in absolute harmony.

Business Analysis

Foxteria takes pride in being a client-centric company providing customized technical solutions to your website development requirements. Whether you own a small business or a corporate business, we have an analytical and market oriented approach that moves towards custom web development services. We first thoroughly understand your business, its competition, your end goals before we plunge into designing and development or sharing any predefined templates. We strongly believe in creating unique solutions that are custom made and not pre-defined.

Technical Specifications

Our motto is to provide a solution which is scalable and match the depth and objectives of your business. We are the web experts and incorporate technical knowledge, business strategies with the marketing standards to build a deep-rooted web development solution. So, we carefully choose the technology that fits your business requirements and budget, which comes from our vast understanding of the world’s finest tools and the most modern languages. The technical specification document is a manual that acts as a bridge between wireframes and web development, ensuring what we build and what you expect are in sync.

Time Analysis

As a Professional Website Development Company, Foxteria lays a lot of emphasis on punctuality. Time is the most important factor of Website Development and successful delivery of the website is as crucial as the quality of the development. The time required to develop a website completely depends on the complexity of your requirements. But we try our best to deliver the website as per your priorities. Our web developers are experienced tech czars and with vast experience are able to navigate through most complex requirements, as an experienced formula one driver would be able to do in their Audi, Porsche, Maserati or BMW.

Design Mock-ups

Foxteria takes pride in being a web design company that provides the most creative web designs. Your brand colours and fonts are understood, your business theme is studied and then we start creating your master piece. We continue our journey towards rendering an amazing design considering components like colour palette, images, layout, themes, and font options and also the movement and response of dynamic components like dropdown menus, forms, and buttons. The design is presented to you for your valuable feedback. We never begin development until you’re completely happy with the design.


This stage is where your website gets a life. Our web developers team orchestrates all behind-the-scenes magic keeping in mind the speed by which pages and images load, animations and interactions as well as the responsiveness of your website. We also furnish your website with the technical SEO including code structure, meta tags, and sitemaps. These factors give your website the best start on all the search engines.


You call it testing or quality assurance, this is the stage where your website goes under thorough scanning to find the tiniest errors. The website is tested repeatedly to discover small errors like spelling mistakes to more complex ones such as design issues and development errors. You can be certain that an established company with an all-round team can only deliver a website with such proficiency.


It's website launch time. We host the majority of the websites on our most tried and trusted Amazon Web Services hosting partners. In case you want to host it on GoDaddy or any other Servers, we could assist you with that as well. We hand over the source code to you once the website is deployed and guide your team through the entire functionalities of the website. We are a one-stop solution to everything related to web development services.


No website development is complete without it being backed by a proper maintenance team. We would be extremely happy to serve you in case you want us to maintain your website and update it as per the market standards because the technical elements are everchanging. We know what you need for your successful business journey and we never offer anything less than the best. You could look at us as your outsourced tech friend, ever ready to help you stay ahead in your business.

Now that you are confident of getting a world class website developed, you may want to understand what it costs to get a great website done. We are absolutely certain that you will love our pricing. Please find the Web Development Packages as you could be assured that the web development cost in India done via our internal web development cost calculator are very low cost and amongst the most affordable website quotes that you could get. Discuss the same with consultants and they will provide a tailor made solution that is just perfect for your budget and timelines.


Foxteria, does not build technical solutions alone; we build strong relationships. Call our web development experts and let them give you the most versatile web development solutions from developing your website, mobile apps, ecommerce portal, digital marketing, content writing and everything else, based on your immediate and long-term goals.

basic website



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  • 5 Pages Static Website
  • Business Analysis
  • Unique & Responsive Designs
  • Admin Panel
  • SEO Compliant
  • FaceBook & Twitter Page Creation
  • 7 Days Free Maintenance

corporate website



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  • Basic Website Package Features
  • 20 Pages Static Website
  • Sales Driven Design
  • User Dashboards
  • SSL Integration
  • Hosting Support
  • 1 Month Free Maintenance

business portals



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  • Corporate Website Package Features
  • E-Commerce Enabled
  • Payment Gateway
  • Inventory Management
  • Smart Check Outs
  • Scratch Development
  • 1 Month Free Maintenance

mobile apps



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  • Android + iOS Platform
  • Business Analysis
  • Intuitive UI/UX Designs
  • Push notifications
  • Dedicated App Developer
  • SEO Compliant
  • 1 Month Free Maintenance

digital marketing



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  • SEO Optimization
  • Marketing Plan & Strategy
  • On & Off Page Optimization
  • Ongoing SEO SEM SMM Support
  • Email Marketing
  • Organic Lead Generation
  • 3 Months Minimum Package Length

content writing



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  • 5 Pages | 4000 Words
  • Content Plan & Strategy
  • Upto 5 SEO keywords allowed
  • Blogs, Articles, PR & News
  • Social Media Posts
  • Dedicated Content Writer
  • 3 Months Minimum Package Length

What people say

Aakanksha Karande

Aakanksha Karande

Digital Marketing Head, FranchiseBazar

We have had the pleasure of working with Foxteria Team for 2 years. They have been very helpful to us in setting up new strategies on our website. We would recommend Foxteria to anyone seeking a great service at a reasonable cost.

Sanjay Thapliyal

Sanjay Thapliyal

Chief Consultant, Sparkleminds

My company needed a new design for our new website and we decided to stop on Foxteria. No HTML template that we've seen before hasn't even come close to what your designers and developers done. It's a truly amazing solution, and I recommend it.

Prabodh Jain

Prabodh Jain

CEO & Founder, Sarangi The Store

An excellent service provider, we were looking for quality SEO and SMO services. Luckily we found Foxteria with a highly expert team and good client servicing. It's a basket full of services, will recommend others for sure.

Vikal Gupta

Vikal Gupta

CEO & Founder, Inspire Workplace

We had a vision, and Foxteria helped us "dream" bigger, and they has helped us accomplish more than we ever imagined. When I say that there is nothing that Foxteria can't do, I do not thing these words even explain how skilled they are.

Bandana Bawri

Bandana Bawri

Chief Sales Officer, India Franchise Consultants

Foxteria exceeded all my expectations, began the work extremely quickly, was cost effective and their communication and professionalism are impressive. I would have no hesitation to recommend them and I will no doubt be using their services again in the very near future.

Liege Ryan

Liege Ryan

CEO & Founder, Liege Ryan

After having 2 companies fail miserably at creating a halfway decent web protfolio for me, I decided to go to Foxteria. They clear that they are extremely experienced at what they do and you can really see the design in process. They absolutely exceeded the requirements of the contract, and created a great design for my potfolio.




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