Google announces new 'discovery' ad formats, revamped Shopping experience, native placements at Google Marketing Live

To all the marketers out there, Google announces a new ‘discovery' ad format, revamped shopping experience & native placements at Google Marketing Live, San Francisco on May 14, 2019. Wondering what exactly are these Google Discovery Ads, Google Shopping Ads, and the Native Placements?

Google announces new 'discovery' ad formats, revamped Shopping experience, native placements at Google Marketing Live

Do not worry, we will be guiding you through these notions throughout our blog. But before starting this, one should know how does Google push the advertisement to us and personalize them? What are the different channels within which Google makes you connected with the ads?

Interesting right? But to all these, there is only one answer – Our Google Search History. Our activities are observed by Google very closely, the amount of time spent on each search, and the number of visits or even the topics around which we search. So, our complete search history helps Google to analyze us.

Let's see where all Google is trying to push the business Ads. We have our beloved YouTube, where you can find an Ad below the video section. The Promotions, Social, Updates, etc. tab in the Gmail, where you can see most of our recent search related Ads with bundles of information about the products and services.

The most visible and used application is the Google Search on our smartphones and you can see the latest updates and news displayed in brief below the search bar. Once you click on your most interesting topic there, it will take you to the detailed page of it and also helps you know more by related news. You can even follow your appropriate topics and get the latest updates. These are Google Discovery Ads.

Google is making it simpler for the business entities to showcase their products through Google Merchant Centre. It's a most advanced platform to advertise and get more traffic on the website and build the clientele. All you need to do is to go through a few steps, where your website is verified and optimize by Google and bring products online.

byShanthala MS

The best part of the Google Merchant Channel is that anyone who is searching for the products similar to yours, they will be able to find many related options on the topmost section with images, product description, price and company details. Adding product videos would unquestionably add that X-factor which can help you to showcase your products strongly than anybody else and encourage buyers to get more knowledge.

There is another super feature of Google which empowers merchants to increase the foot traffic into their stores. And it is nothing but, Local Ad Campaigns which will also help you to optimize your business on Google maps. We usually see a lot of recommendations on Google Maps about the nearby places along with traffic updates which is highly possible due to Localized Ad Campaigns.

To name a few more, there are Google AdWords, Google AdSense, and what not! With so many options, it's undeniable to wonder what suits better for which business which will lead success at your doorstep.

Never ever, we would have imagined that a search engine can bring us so many options in our life and make it easier in the day-to-day activities both on the professional and personal fronts. This Giant Search Engine is bringing a revolution into our lives which is none less than an AI-driven innovation.